From co-writing a holiday cocktail book during my tenure as an editor at Imbibe to writing a weekly column for Food52 to my current work as a contributing writer at The Modern Proper, I’ve been writing and editing—primarily in the sphere of food and drink—more than a decade and have a master’s degree in Food Studies from NYU. Below, you’ll find links to some of my most recent copywriting and editorial work. I also have experience with writing specifically for SEO and proficiency in myriad CMSs, including Squarespace and Wordpress, as well as some rudimentary html skills that hopefully you’re not planning to rely on too heavily. Additionally, from 2014-2019 I used my words to tell the story of my very own small batch jam company—Plum Tree Jam. It was a sweet piece of the Portland food world and chapter of my life, with an online shop, email newsletters, cute little cards, and social media content across all major platforms. For my full resumé, or just to say hello, you can reach out to me here.

Editorial Work